Lose data when updating iphone

13 Feb

We may accidentally lose data when we update to a new i OS operating system, reset i Phone to default settings or free up i Phone storage space.

So it seems necessary to backup our i Phone before we start a big change on our i Phone.

tel://NUMBER will pop up a dialog asking if you wish to make a cellphone call to NUMBER using the baseband.

facetime://CONTACT will pop up a dialog asking if you wish to make a video call to CONTACT using Apple's Facetime over Wi-Fi.

In this post, we offer you the methods to backup i Phone to i Tunes, i Cloud and computer.

And it is suitable to back up any i Phone 7/6/6s/5/5s/5c/4/4s/SE/8/X.

In addition, it also you to extract data from i Phone backup and even to preview contents on it, which could be user-friendly because normally we can't preview messages or other personal info on i Tunes backup and i Cloud backup.

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It is unknown whether changing IMEI on the i Phone 3G/3GS using software is possible.Similarly, IMEI, in combination with a SIM card, provides an easy method to track the location of a person.Changing cellphone, you can be tracked by SIM card used.Mode: IMEI When you enter this number (no need to touch dial afterwards), you should be presented with your 15 digit IMEI number.IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.