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31 Jan

In his final appearance, he tells Clay he won't return to Camden, opting instead to stay in LA and write a screenplay.

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He says things that Clay doesn't understand and Clay gradually becomes disenchanted with him.Less Than Zero was Ellis's first attempt at a proper novel, following much roman à clef juvenilia. It's sort of out of my hands and it has its reputation, so what can you do about it? I was pretty surprised by the level of writing." In the former child actor Danny Bonaduce's 2002 autobiography, Random Acts of Badness, Bonaduce notes the striking similarity between the fictional high school in Less Than Zero and the now-relocated California Preparatory High School The Buckley School in Encino, California, where Bonaduce, recording artist Michael Jackson, film actor Christian Brando, and other children of wealth and celebrity went to school together.Its first draft was, reportedly, incredibly emotional and overwrought, and in the third-person. I get fan mail now from people who weren't really born yet when the book came out. There's a lot of it that I wish was slightly more elegantly written. In commenting on the novel, Bonaduce notes, "When the book Less Than Zero came out, all my classmates were pissed.The eighth season of THAT '70s SHOW will continue the signature elements that have made the series a hit, including the surreal dream sequences, the 360-degree basement scenes and the classic '70s score.The retro series has featured numerous '70s icons since its premiere, including Gloria Gaynor, Shirley Jones, Danny Bonaduce, Charo, Alice Cooper, Marion Ross, Eve Plumb, Ted Nugent, Howard Hesseman, Valerie Harper and Roger Daltrey.