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28 Dec

Evidently a chain of mistakes led to Cerna, a shooting suspect, being taken into custody without either the arresting officers or the booking officers discovering he had a large, heavy handgun concealed on his person: [Sheriff Gary] Penrod said deputies failed to adequately search Cerna before he was put in a car, and again when he was transferred to the homicide division office.

Each receiving deputy may have wrongly assumed the previous officer adequately searched the man, he said.

But what we see in the video is nothing like what most of us might expect.

The soon-to-be suicide victim is neither visibly nervous nor distraught as he freely pulls out a gun and places it against his head.

Nor does he rush to the victim’s aid, check him for signs of life, summon help, or otherwise raise an alarm.

Throughout the short video, the officer’s actions seem almost nonchalant: he doesn’t act the least bit shocked or horrified that a human being has just died a violent death right in front of him.

The officer returns several seconds later with a bottle of water and a cup of coffee, then hands the water bottle to the suspect, checks his cell phone again, picks up the coffee, and exits the room a second the suspect alone and unrestrained, and the door open.

The suspect takes a couple of swigs of water, then calmly reaches into his pants with his other hand, pulls out a large-caliber handgun, and shoots himself in the left temple.

It's still not confirmed whether we will see Dwan (or Ivey) during Aussie Millions, but it is nice to see Dwan is not kidnapped or part of the Triads like people once believed. Dwan is just living life and enjoying time with the new love in his life.

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