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14 Jan

I fancy I can see them now, and but for an exceedingly bad cold, could doubtless smell the fragrance rising from that large punch bowl, highly suggestive of good old brandy, roasted apples, lemons, hot water and––let me get my pipe––these thoughts are too much for my nerves. It will convey the idea that she is at least five years older than she really is. ] she is certainly a stylish looking ‘turn out.’ Having this introduced you to her, I shall certainly expect, in your next, to have your opinion of the young lady––and by the way, you must send her back to me. I was busy as a bee all day, and the only trouble I experienced was with the pastry [. (I had previously noticed such a state of things in society) Consequently the syrup would all bubble up out of the edges [. A long covered bridge crossed the Coosa River here, connecting the residential half of Wetumpka to its commercial center. and plenty of the best liquors to wash it down,” Enough, at least, for the non-Baptists.

I wish I had Dicken’s ‘Christmas Carol” or Irvings’s “Bracebridge Hall,” the enjoyment would be so great from the contrast. Now I know you would like to spend another Christmas at Pittsburg [NC], you needn’t deny it––I am convinced of it. And then the face doesn’t wear that bright, open smile of hers. She writes me of all the love letters which she receives from her numerous suitors [. Their uniforms had been delayed from Columbus, GA, and they would not be uniformed until they reached Norfolk, VA. Next morning, by the bridge, the citizens of the county gathered to be warmed up by the Reverend Mr. The ladies of Wetumpka now presented the company with a new national flag, (the ‘Stars and Bars’) which Lieutenant Storrs, accepting on the Guards’ behalf, said embraced “in its various colors of the red, white, and blue” emblems “of courage, purity, and truth, and having upon it a circle of stars, each of which represents a free and sovereign State.” “Under this flag,”, he said, “we go forth to battle for our rights.” Lieutenant Henry Storrs was the pride of the community, and would have made his father, the late Judge, very proud this day.

But in the raising and outfitting of an army, supplies were short, and the mills at Columbus, Georgia, had failed to send the material on time. Captains and lieutenants were “officers of the line,” in command of the various companies; divided between two battalions: First and Second.

Since writing last, we have moved––very unexpectedly to us––to within seven miles of Orange C. We worked very hard today that we might enjoy the luxury of a chimney corner tonight. .] George Dunlap and I concluded to devote our evening to home, so here we are, both of us, with unbleached tallow candle between us, writing away for dear life. ] I would have finished this letter yesterday, but our Cook, an unbleached American, took into his head to spend his Christmas in bed, upon plea of sickness.

After working like bees for three days my cabin was finished this afternoon.

His father, John Forsyth, was the powerful and influential publisher of the Mobile Register, one of the great pulpits for State’s Rights.

Also in his favor was his pretty fiancé, Laura Sprague.