Ipod touch play count not updating

21 Sep

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On my i Pod Classic, I could listen to this playlist and when a track finished, it would be removed from the playlist, making it easy to get back to where I was on the audiobook.

On my i Pod Touch, the smart playlist doesn't update until I sync with i Tunes. Scott I have a smart playlist of podcasts syced to my i Pod Touch that has worked with i OS 3 and works with i OS 4, using the settings described here: OF . Once the podcast finishes playing it drops off the playlist as expected.

This information is stored in the library and used to help determine how to build automatic playlists from the songs you prefer, among other functions.

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This feature allows for a more seamless transition between songs during playback, which can be useful in some situations; however, it seems this avoids the end of the song and i Tunes does not recognize it as having been played.On Windows I killed the i Podservice and i Tuneshelper processes.(I've had this shuffle since January and it worked just fine till last week.) If I play a tune from i Tunes on the computer, the play count & date are updated; but if I play a tune on the i Pod, this information doesn't change as it used to.That allowed me to view the i Shuffle memory in an Explorer window.While those who wish to keep tabs on their songs and library uses may find this a bit of an inconvenience, it is not one that will have any impact on folks who use i Tunes tonight for New Year's celebrations.I noticed recently that the song counts in i Tunes weren't increasing (despite me listening to them quite a bit on my i Phone).