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11 May

And it’ll do that cheaper, more effectively, and be more versatile than any handgun, shotgun, or bow can ever hope to be.

Millions of American families are, to this day, fed healthy, virtually free meat by simple, easy-to-shoot, durable rifles like the Ruger you see us using here.

There, former special forces sniper Walt Wilkinson teaches students to align their spine with the gun’s barrel, and lay flat with feet spread at shoulder width.

This directs the force of the gun’s recoil through your body’s structure in the most effective way for it to be absorbed, minimizing its effect and maximizing your ability to hold the gun steadily.

That’s a simple process in which a boresight is inserted in the barrel, and the markings on it are used to get the sight pointed in mostly the same direction as the barrel.

Save yourself the money on buying one, and just have your local gun shop do this for you. Once boresighted, you’ll need to get into shooting position with your gun, loosen the sight rings (the mounts that connect it to the rifle) and slide the scope body forward and rearward until you achieve a crisp, clear picture through it, without any black “donut” around the edges.

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A rifle will put food on your plate and give you a fun hobby you can share with others.There’s no need to grip the gun tightly, just wrap your fingers around it, keep your trigger finger pointed forward, on the trigger guard, until you’re ready to shoot, and point your thumb forward as well.Manipulating the trigger is best done slowly, and again with consistency.If you’re just looking for a single-gun solution for learning, practicing, defense and hunting, then it’s hard to do better than Ruger’s new American Predator in 6.5 Creedmoor.MSRP for that rifle is 0, but they can commonly be found for around 0 cheaper than that. S., the Ruger is MOA accurate (we’ll get to that in a bit), its plastic stock is extremely durable yet light, and the 6.5 Creedmoor is versatile enough to tackle any game in North America—from prairie dogs to elk.