Alexandra chando and blair redford dating

03 Nov

In THE LYING GAME, Redford's "Ethan" is an edgy “bad boy” who is the brother of a local police officer.

Blair Redford: I think the main thing that you’ll get to experience with Ethan, the most interesting part of his story is that he’s obviously in this relationship with Sutton, which is more of a secret relationship, and then when Emma comes along it’s a very peculiar situation.

So, beyond that, I’d love to find a nice film to do during my hiatus, whether it’s between this and our pick-up or a back-order or if it’s between first and second season. Now considering you were a member of Black Knights Stunts, how much action will we see from your character? I remember having lunch with our executive producer, Chuck Pratt, when we got the pick-up for the series, and I told him right away if there’s any room for stunts or action we’ve got to write it in.

I’d love to find a nice film to do in that spare time. And he sat back in his chair and looked at me and he’s like, “Dude, you’re going to get in a fight like in every other episode in this show.” I was glad to hear that.

And so you’ll see him struggle with that, because he has an allegiance to Sutton, in a way, but then he starts building feelings for Emma, too.

I think it was a fun thing to act, and I think it will be a fun thing to watch.