Dating a rolex watch

30 Dec

The reason for such conflicting opinion derives not so much from the perception of Seiko as a mainstream brand with its huge customer base, but from skepticism about the value proposition of the much more aspirational Grand Seiko sub-brand; a sub-brand that, in contrast to its parent, offers a level of exclusivity that Rolex owners can only dream of.

The question that remains then is whether that exclusivity is delivered in a watch whose quality can compete with the more obvious upmarket charms of a Rolex.

This watch has the unmistakable Rolex minute chapter and dial configuration as the other Canadian Oysters of the 1930's and 1940's.

I have to say I was completely blown away with the tactile quality of the GS watches yet was left with an impression of the Rolexes I handled of very solid, supremely well made watches but not what I’d describe as luxurious.ANTIQUE TIME Is your online source for ROLEX SERVICE & REPAIR CALL US TOLL FREE 888-765-3901 The Rolex Canadian market Oyster watches date back to the late 1930s and are some of the most affordable vintage Rolex watches available on the used watch market today.They differ from Swiss marketed Rolexs in that they used a Rolex modified ebauche movement made by Fontmelon, their caliber FF30 subsequently renamed the Rolex caliber 59.The crown screws down tight to the case tube such as you would find on newer Rolex models. The Rolex Oyster Regent model which is quite a scarce model with a red 24 hour military chapter ring inside the hour markers of the dial.The dial has a light and even patina, which gives the whole watch a magnificent vintage appearance.