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02 Nov

6 Eden and Lady Nadia don’t actually attend the dates – which means that they can sometimes get a bit of a surprise about the previous night’s events.

‘I think we were surprised when Charlotte and Frankie went on a double date and ended up in each other’s arms,’ he says.

Naomi said: “He was really complimentary which was nice and acted like a true gentleman.

“We spoke about loads of things - family stuff and I spoke about my modelling and I wanted to do that as a career.

7 While Arg might have been fortunate enough to end up at a curry house on one of his double dates, he didn’t actually pick it himself – since the locations are all chosen by the crew.

8 And speaking of those locations, there’s no one specific restaurant or bar that they choose.

‘We definitely knew there was a little bit of spark between them but we didn’t expect anything would happen.

The morning after the night of a date you’re always wondering what’s going to end up on your desk.

I didn't meet Nadia and Eden straight away - I met them at the mixer.” and I tell them series four is coming soon, as soon as it’s announced get your representation in to speak to Channel 4/Lime, and we’ll all sit down and have a conversation about it.’ 2 And yes, they do favour a certain type of celebrity.‘We go for celebs that are going to be good entertainment, we go for celebs that are going to be good value, and we go for celebs that we know are going to test us but in some way reward us.’ 3 Meanwhile, it goes without saying that they can’t be in a relationship either."We have spoken since the show.” Naomi told the Sun about the lengths she had to go through to appear on the E4 show.She saw an advert for it on Facebook and revealed there is a series of vetting processes.