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29 Jul

Frustrating to have a change of hardware right in the middle of NBN migrations. With 5G Wi-Fi the speed test is 86.2/34.66 to the Toshiba Portege R700, 4 years old, W10 Anniversary Wired Desktop 86.43/34.85, 6 years old desktop, W10 Anniversary and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Dual Boot The 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is about half the download speed on OOKLA speed test.

There is a bridge mode button when you log in, same as TG-1 when latest software added, TG-789 firmware Aqua. Plan 100/40 Printer is on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi same a TG-1, 22x19x3.5 cm No external antenna's and TX/Rx Wi-Fi seems fine, no issues for me. I suppose if you live in a huge home you might think about the repeater/amplifier/ range extender solution.

Anyone have any experience with the TG789 secifically?

Someone might be able to jump in and correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you can still connect to the modem's IP address at

I'm looking to put the modem into bridge mode and use my ASUS RT-AC87U as my router. The bars are there, you can still connect to the modem gateway, but no internet via Wifi. Usually requires a restart, only once I had to do a full factory reset in order to get it working again. oid=13612 ) I rename the DHCP mac address assigned IP for the wireless to the wired-ether one, and rename the wifi one to something like Restart the x Box console, the Wired link comes up good, but when I ping the xbox now, I get DUP! Only if I restart the router, the issue below is fixed.

My question is this, as I don't know very much about how bridging actually works, can I still use the Vo IP ports with this in bridge mode? 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2374 ttl=128 time=3.329 ms (DUP!

I just signed up to Internode 3 days ago and selected the TG-1. That's really a YMMV kind of question because it depends on what those users are doing.

I've spoken to support and they are going to get in touch with the hardware guys so hopefully it hasn't been dispatched yet and they can send me at TG-789 instead.

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Form factor is good for us and I need about 5 or 6 more after deploying 3 already (using bridge mode with a firewall appliance).They've just advised to make sure you are using the latest firmware which supports bridge mode. I still haven't decided whether to go ii Net or Internode yet.I've always been an Internode guy but have just spent a year on NBN Satellite and only just now moving back to town.As I like hard copies to read I downloaded and printed out Internodes TG789 user guide. The main reason I actually asked about the TG789 is because the 867VAE-W-A-K9 typically with NAT, CBAC, ACLs and some netflow stuff turned on is only good for approx 10 users before we start the see the CPU take a massive hit.Obviously the feature set will be different on the TG789, not sure if you can even restrict inbound traffic to specific WAN IP addresses on it, however I was curious because if you can do basic features like this and it's got a fairly beefy processor then it's definitely a cheap alternative for small sites not requiring the Cisco feature set and having a device that's drop shipped to the customer makes it even more attractive, just simply plug in and go. I have a TG-1 it is a little bit locked down but not really, I could change DNS and all other things quite fine. Clicking on parts of the GUI can take a few seconds to load new window. With 12 devices, I would have thought business grade should handle it.