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05 May

He started TOMS Eyewear, which, for every pair of glasses or frames sold, donates an eye exam and glasses or medical treatment and surgery. Emmett: So switching over to a little bit of a different topic – Blake: Sure.

Since starting the company, hundreds of others have jumped on the one-for-one bandwagon, from Pampers and Crocs to Subway and the Gap. The company's name, he said, stands for his vision from the beginning: Sell a pair of shoes today and give away a pair tomorrow.Blake: So when I started the company and had the idea my idea was if we sell a pair of shoes today we’ll give away a pair of shoes tomorrow. And my friend’s dad was “an entrepreneur.” He started businesses. But we talked to him and he helped us kind of come up with this idea of how we could do a pick-up and delivery laundry service. And then after we started that business when I was 19 people started calling me an entrepreneur. And we originally called them the first couple of weeks Tomorrows Shoes. Emmett: [laughter] Blake: And we have a funny joke around the office that everyone here that works here is Tom ’cause we’re all working for a better tomorrow. And that’s when I kind of understood what this idea was of taking an idea, creating a business around it, and building it. He calls this policy One for One and so far, TOMS has donated some 60 million pairs of shoes to needy children, in 70 different countries. I saw many children who didn’t have shoes and needed shoes to go to school and to protect their feet. But instead of starting a charity I started a business where every time we sell a pair of shoes we give a pair to a child who needs a pair. Blake: So here at the TOMS headquarters where we are today we have lots of different departments. But we also have a department that is not in any typical business and that’s the Giving Department.Because of TOMS Shoes’ success, he decided to use the One for One guideline with other new companies. They’re determining who are going to be the recipients of the shoes or the eyesight surgeries or the safe birth kits or the clean water – all the things that we do now. —- Emmett: I just finished meeting with Blake and I really enjoyed learning about TOMS and how it was created.