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After the discovery of these tablets, skeptics now claimed that the Bible copied the story of Noah’s Ark from the earlier sources that were etched into Sumerian cuneiform some 700 years earlier.

While this is a logical argument, given some of the stunningly precise details all the stories share, it is an equally logical argument that since Noah’s Ark is real history, we would predict that non-biblical writers would document the event.

This agrees with Genesis and the meaning of Noah’s name: “Now he called his name Noah, saying, “This one will give us rest from our work and from the toil of our hands arising from the ground which the LORD has cursed.”” (Genesis ) In the name Noah means: “priest) were all in close spiritual union with their God.

Noah was seen as the righteous one who walked with God and Utnapishtim is seen as equally pious in obedience to his gods.

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However Enlil’s grace may have been more direct actions to reduce the population and therefore the noise, rather than a genuine period of grace like Noah and Moses offered in an effort to get moral repentance.

All four flood stories speak of a global flood that rose above the mountains and that killed everything on earth.

When professional excavations begin on Noah’s Ark, the world may be stunned with the possible discovery of pre-flood tablets written in an unknown language signed by Noah, piles of extinct pre-historic plants that Noah used as food, even a few frozen, fully fleshed dinosaurs that never made it off the ark.Remarkably, however, both stories arrive at that same conclusion that the earth would never be destroyed again in completely opposite manners.All stories have God offering a blessing after they left the ark.Bible scoffers and unbelievers will always reject the Bible at God’s word until the day they stand before Him in Judgment after the second coming of Jesus Christ our Creator.Many flood stories, like Atra-hasis (1635 BC), record how men seeking relief of their burdened of hard labour before the flood because the gods had “cursed the ground”.