Vgn fs640 w updating ram

22 May

There is also a lag issue with the facial animations that appeared at the same time.They play out of sync, and sometimes glitch out slightly, replacing a talking face with a non-talking one.Then I started noticing an irritating sound lag in Skyrim.Since then, the issue has popped up in various other programs, but manifesting itself in slightly different ways.

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My laptop is under warranty, so i've got no problem if it's a hardware issue, but some kind of idea would be fantastic before I go crazy.

Specs: Core i7-2630QM @ ~2.00GHz Nvidia Geforce 540m 8gb of RAM Windows 7 64-bit For any other details please ask, i'm not utterly incompetent with computers so I should probably be able to provide something.

They work only once after a restart and then stop working. I changed Boot options i.e enabled external usb drive and ...

I've had this model Vaio since September, and until mid-January pretty much everything ran absolutely perfectly.