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06 Jul

please, the woman is an adult and whether she’s married or not, having kids, doesn’t make her tacky or immoral.

love these comments, those who praise the second time pregnant unwed mom to be are all okay, those who make negative comments are being “judgmental” well folks use to be a time when it was considered a “shame” to be pregnant and not married, and a woman was considered a “whore” if she had a second baby by a second man.

god would never turn away from his children regardless if born out of wedlock or not.

very refreshing to see someone who doesn’t pervert religion to fit into their own narrow view of life, but identifies herself as a christian while being respectful of other ways of life!

’t those grandchildren being raised by your own children, the two children you raised?

’m sure the wife he cheated on wiht poppy loves seeing this.

So who is poppy montgomery dating on without a trace it’s closely linked to obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is an interesting thing, i think."I'm still so close to that cast, I miss them every day.

i do think it is ridiculous that we place so little value on marriage these days..poppy has talked about in other interviews about her parents being ‘free spirits’.i think being judgmental is way more immoral than getting pregnant out of wedlock.i know people who have done this 5 times; each child with a different father and different circumstances.list to co-star in ‘mission control’ cbs pilot with ‘frequency’ fate in limbo., oh i hope that they bring back “unforgettable” i just loved that show and she is a wonderful [email protected] addison, i’m assuming your 5 children have the same father?