Dating deets

25 Sep

Salcedo's quick to explain that he has no interest in the trends — or pushing his clients into looks that don't suit their hair.

"I want to change the way people look at hair, so that they can embrace what they have," he says.

"My inspiration comes from the need to not follow rules; I want to be the one that brings about new ideas.

She said: 'He would never drink in the morning if I was around.Here we have him bolting out of a car as paps try and catch the exact moment when one of Kourtney’s boobs escapes from the black vice/paperclip holder thing she’s wearing as a dress.My guess is that he’s probably really cranky (most kids get cranky when they’re hungry) and didn’t feel like waiting up for his sugar momma.We recently spent the day with Salcedo and six of his clients at Benjamin Arts District.Ahead, you'll see the cuts he loves right now, including what to ask for and how to style it, plus unique tips and tricks that'll go a long way toward making your own hair 10 times radder.