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02 May

However, wandering the grounds on the wrong night winds him in a bargain for his life with an undead hunter, a charming one that somehow Zenyatta can't help but trust.In five years, he is to become his groom, but time has a way of getting away from people, and so do memories of old promises, until they're on your doorstep once more.Nancy taunts them "nanny nanny noodle" causing Wally to try and make her nice but Nancy nimbly dodges taunting "hasta la pasta" at them.Bobgoblin helps Nancy find a new hiding place in a castle which she dubs the pasta palace."I want to find my brother," Genji announced rather suddenly, watching Jesse lay into a loaded bowl of instant mac and cheese. Their oldest stories speak of them, telling of their wickedness, and their hatred of mankind.As long as there have been monsters, there have been monster hunters; the greatest among are The Over Watchers. Information was scarce, but the records available were incredibly vague.

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Little do they know the impact they will have on each other, whether they like it or not Tekhartha Zenyatta has called the monastery home almost all his life, but being sheltered is one thing he is beginning to outgrow.But Ogre Doug warns Wally not to let him eat "Purple Flowers".If Borgelorp does eat Purple Flowers, something funny might happen to him.Led by Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes, they are an elite group, and have been key in the small peace this land now knows. “I’m sorry, I’m not trying to make you uncomfortable. ” (for the prompts: monster hunter/van helsing au "werewolves were the least of his problems.") Lauren and Chloe were two regular girls who'd grown up as best friends together, practically sisters, they'd had to, their families were both killed by monsters when they were kids.But now, something is shifting in the shadows, and new horrors arise from their depths. I want to know if you’re aching for a bite.” The words rolled off her tongue in such a way, her warrior-friend rolled her eyes and sneered. Hunting was their life now and during one interesting hunt in particular, Lauren and Chloe find themselves face to face with the infamous Winchesters.