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01 Dec

We’re guessing that as happy as these two lovebirds are, last week’s tiff won’t be the last fight they have on this subject.

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The Weeknd sent Bella something special to her room to wish her luck on her big day.

He also spoke and texted her today and throughout these past few days in Paris. News ahead of her Victoria's Secret Fashion Show debut, the 20-year-old beauty - who split from The Hills singer in October after 18 months together - admitted there's 'no awkwardness' between the two'They are on great terms - not back together but still talking and are still in love with each other.

broke new ground—once again—in the teen-drama arena when its protagonist, Callie, finally had sex with her boyfriend, Aaron.

On the surface, this isn’t exactly new ground; teens have sex on TV all the time.

The show’s candor and empathy have extended to a diverse set of characters, all of whom are both secure and true to themselves.

Aaron is just the latest to enter that group of people, but especially given the political climate—and the president’s recent proposed ban on transgender service members in the military—the arc carries even more weight. He’s pretty low- to no-disclosure; he doesn’t tell a lot of people, but it doesn’t make him any less of a man. And I think it’s really important for young people and old people—people of all ages.

As trans actor Elliot Fletcher noted, his character is also kind, protective, and just a little rebellious.“I think really one of his biggest ones is he’s really gentle,” Fletcher said. That’s undoubtedly thanks, in no small part, to Aaron’s maturity.

The fan continued, 'note: their breakup has never been official confirmed by them/their people and theyre acting exactly as they always have so its totally just a rumour.

I think its promo planted by VS for the show (aka its all a stunt) but either way I dont think its real. The poster seems to think the duo haven't really split and it's just a publicity stunt for Victoria's Secret.

And as the actor noted, “I think that’s really cool and important for people to see.”As for what’s coming up next?

Prepare for that tabled free-speech conversation to come back; Fletcher said that the debate that played out between Callie and Aaron will remain at the forefront of the season.