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19 Feb

A statement from the Diocesis of Cartagena said the priest had been replaced by Antonio Ballester Serrano.

Father Francisco Javier Ruiz was replaced by Bishop of Cartagena Manuel Lorca Planes after a cyclist’s helmet-cam footage emerged.

However, Bristowe added that many fans who have approached her in person have been nothing but positive.

"People who have actually come up to me, are very kind and supportive," she said.

Father Francisco Javier Ruiz was dismissed from his position in the Churra section of the city of Murcia by Bishop of Cartagena Jose Manuel Lorca Planes on Wednesday.

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"I know that so many people hide behind a computer have their opinions…I was expecting some sort of backlash, but maybe not this much," she admitted.The 29-second video clip was captured by cyclist Alejandro Mejias' helmet-cam.Mejias was biking on trails through the wooded area of Los Cuadros de Murcia — an area reportedly popular with dog owners — when he stumbled across the pair, reports La Verdad.Monday's episode was jam-packed with uncomfortable moments like a fake wake, tons of tongue-heavy PDA and egotistical suitor Ian Thompson calling out Bristow on her "surface-level" personality.But the moment that had us squirming in our seats was when ABC chose to broadcast Bristowe's heavy breathing and sighs from her alone time behind closed doors with Viall."I did not know that everyone could hear us," the 30-year-old confessed to ET.