Updating aperture

06 Feb

Thankfully, most of them were just under the surface.

By expanding the light, color, and black & white options you'll be able to perform more detailed edits.

The whole interface is really snappy, even with my huge photo collection.

Eventually you reach the point where you can edit a photo.

As with i Photo before it, I had many pleasant years of using Aperture.

But where are all the tools I was used to in Aperture?

In other words, the user interface in Photos has been The 'years' view is almost comical when you first see it.

You can click on one of those tiny images to see a larger version, and keep moving to 'scrub' through your collection.

You can zoom into the 'collections' view by using your trackpad or clicking on the right arrow near the upper-left of the screen.

Apple has created a structure that puts 'Moments' (formerly Events) at the bottom, 'Collections' (groups of Moments that happened at around the same time or area, if you've been geotagging) in the middle, and 'Years' at the top.