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26 Dec

My mother was incredibly excited when I told her I was going on a date to Chicken Cottage with Lethal Bizzle, partly because she wants me to get a boyfriend and partly because she has just discovered the word Dench. Have you ever been on a date to a chicken shop before? When my friends at school went on dates to the cinema their parents went with them. It depends who you go with, a fun girl would appreciate it and think okay this guy’s cool, he’s a regular guy. Did you tell her you were going on a date with me to Chicken Cottage? Like you might have an amazing body but if you’re a prick then nah leave it. Yeah if you’re not Dench it’s gonna be a very leave it time.

I was also excited for this date as I’ve always been a fan of Lethal B’s music – ‘Pow’ was the anthem of my youth growing up in Marylebone. Nah I haven’t you know, this is the first date I’ve ever been on to a chicken shop. Where was the first place you ever took a girl on a date? How many chicken nuggets could you eat in 15 minutes? If you had to be part of a chicken what would it be.

In fact as far as I’m concerned we all look our age anyway, and that is a Good Thing.

Here are some of my very favourite girlcrushes – all of them proof that age is no limit to awesomeness.

"I got a letter after an interview I had done," Pike explained.

"This man was very very certain whoever I was with, I was not meant to be with him — that he was the man for me.

Vivienne Westwoood Flame of hair and sharp of tongue, Viv pretty much invented punk fashion and has been reinventing both it and herself ever since.

Here’s everything you need to know about the one-off programme. National treasure Dame Judi meets historians and tree scientists to discover more about how intertwined trees are in our history, and how important they are for the future.movies, has had a comprehensive career, and she finds the term “national treasure” to be a bit patronizing. I hate it.” She is a dynamic, talented actress, and calling her a “national treasure” makes her sound cutesy, which she does NOT want.And even though she’s a dame, Dench used some strong language in response to being mis-labeled a national treasure in a recent interview with . ,” Dench said in response to being the subject of the term, adding, “Oh, please don’t say that! is that of a widowed housewife who moves to India along with fellow veteran actors, including Maggie Smith and Bill Nighy.The one-off programme charts the changes in trees during all four seasons and was filmed over a year, with particular attention being paid to her favourite oak which is 200 years old and 20m high.She says: “I think of trees as my extended family, living, breathing and social, like us.