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14 Dec

The National Crime Agency and the National Police Chiefs' Council have launched a new campaign to advise those who have been, or are likely to be, targeted.

It includes a film aimed at the most vulnerable victims, helping them to recognise a potential criminal approach and providing online advice, including the importance of reporting the crime to their local police.

to have any video blocked and to set up an alert in case the video resurfaces.

Deactivating the Facebook account temporarily rather than shutting it down will mean the data are preserved and will help police to collect evidence.

Victims are often worried about reporting the offences to police because they are embarrassed, but they have offered the following advice: Dont panic: Contact your local police and internet service provider immediately.

The police will take your case seriously, will deal with it in confidence and will not judge you for being in this situation.

The gangs, based in Morocco, the Philippines and the Ivory Coast, use "honey trap" actors to lure their victims in and record the images before threatening to share them with the victims' friends and family unless they accede to their demands for payment.

Most appear to single out victims based on their "ability to pay" and because "they have something to lose" and ransom demands range from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds.

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