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07 Mar

Their similar morals and mutual respect made for an adorable love story, especially Matthew's flashmob proposal in the hospital.

But through it all, April and Jackson's feelings lay just below the surface.

Oh, and did we mention the guy who almost shot her?

American actor Justin Bruening was born on September 24, 1979 in St. After graduating in high school, he moved to San Diego, California, where he was discovered by a talent scout.

This led to his early modeling career, posing for Abercrombie and Fitch.

He then studied acting, after which he was discovered by a casting director for the daytime soap All My Children.

This was the case with Matthew, who was a sweet and loving partner to April during their two season relationship.

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Soon there after, came his first modeling job in Abercrombie & Fitch commercial. Bruening began to study acting and was noticed by the casting director at All My Children. When not on set, he enjoys playing the bounty of home video games.

After his run on All My Children—where he was voted as the hottest daytime star by multiple teen magazines—he played guest roles on Cold Case and CSI: Miami.

He has recently appeared on the television movie Knight Rider, a new take on the 1980s television series.

He played the role of Mike Traceur, the estranged son of the original Knight Rider (David Hasselhoff).

He is set to reprise the role in the television series of the same name.- Is married to his "All My Children" costar, Alexa Havens- Former model- Character on "All My Children" is the son of the character played by Michael E.