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In an official report to Vorontsov, Kritsky wrote: "the quality of Berdiansk Spit surpasses that of Obitochnaya Spit; you can build a landing stage and port on it unless you concede to Sevastopol..." On November 3, 1827 a certificate of land dissociation for a mooring and a city was issued. In the same year a landing stage was built on a gulf bank.A small settlement was established which over time turned into the city of Berdiansk. The neighboring settlement from these foundations was known by the name Berdy.You have a feasibility to pick up a delivery after 3, 24 or 48 hours.At the direct request carrier can work at additional extra time and on holidays.You in a similar would intuit that the flowers are every time recent and the cultured bouquet of flowers is alike as it’s represented on site.The secret of our prosperity - effectuality, orderliness and professionality!

Between 19 the city was known as Osipenko, so named after Hero of the Soviet Union Polina Osipenko.

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Then, on January 31, 1845, the first Berdiansk coat of arms for the Berdiansk district was created.

In the top strip, on a green field is a silver Nogay's nomadic tent together with a black plow; this denotes the semi-nomadic life lived in the Nogays and farming work done by local residents.