Kim possible and ron stoppable dating

29 Apr

The movie has a similar plot of the first episode of the series:"Crush".

David Nusair from Reel Film Reviews rated the movie 2.5/4 stating that the plot was thin and the kids would enjoy it more than adults but it is genuinely funny with better than expected voice acting.

In considerable irony, he had become the one who pushed Kim and Ron into becoming a couple despite his entire purpose being to lure Kim's affections towards him.

His actions to brutally exploit one of Kim's weaknesses had also closed that avenue as her stable relationship with Ron helped her insecurities in regards to dating.

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The movie also features Christy Carlson Romano's new single "Could It Be".She is also troubled at the awkward possibility that her best -- but less-than mature – friend, Ron, might end up her only prospect for the prom.Ron is concerned at the moment with other things that matter only to him.In particular, he was programmed to woe and distract Kim from Drakken's plans. Drakken's synthodrones, robotic creations designed to generally replace henchmen but was not widely used due to fragility.Unlike most synthodrones which were emotionless and mindless cannon fodder, Eric was designed to act as an infiltrator.