Sex dating in perry illinois

30 Apr

There is nothing in the Sex Offender Registration Act or the Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registration Act that prohibits a child sex offender or a violent offender against youth from being around children, unless it is at a park, school, or any location designed exclusively for people under the age of 18.

If you would like a further investigation into the welfare of a child present in the same house as an offender, you should contact the Department of Children and Family Services.

The Department of Children and Family Service Hotline is 800-25-ABUSE.

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You should do a search of the Illinois State Police Sex Offender Registry.

A representative will be able to assist you in your request.

By law, every time an offender registers, the local law enforcement agency must take a photo of the offender.

An offender visiting the State of Illinois for more than 5 days in a calendar year will be required to register with the local law enforcement jurisdiction where the offender is staying.

This means cumulative days; it does not necessarily have to be 5 consecutive days.