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Mary Pettus who married Chillian Palmer was the daughter of John Pettus and his wife Sarah Lipscomb. Symon and Jude, late my uncle Richard Swifte's, after my decease, for the term of seven years upon the condition that he shall pay unto John Pettus my godson, son of my brother Thomas Pettus, yearly, at the said corner messuage, eight pounds. Clarence Stacy (Pocahontas Hutchinson): The Pettus Family(1957). 7 and 44, will of Chilion Palmer, Halifax County, Virginia, copy attached signed Chilion, Stacy gives name as Chilton, See also; Excerpt B, opposite Column: Excerpt B: History of Jefferson County, Florida--Mary Oakley Mc Rory and Edith Clarke Barrows, Monticello, Florida (1939) p. The will of John Pettus, son of Dabney, dated 2nd Feb. Married Barbara Price, and had a son Samuel, who fell at the battle of San Jacinto, in Mexican War, for whose services his family receive d a grant of lands in Texas.John was the son of Stephen Pettus and his wife Mary Dabney. I bequeath unto my brother Thomas Pettus, my sister Whall, my sister Joanes, the late wife of my brother William, deceased, my sister in law Mrs. George Downing, my brother in law Robert Debny (and others named) a nest of cups or bowls of silver of ten pounds price, with a superscription, "IN MEMORIAN JOHANNIS PETTUS MILITIS."Cousin Stile, cousin Myles, cousin Richard Dethicke and William Blackhead's wife. My son Thomas Pettus to be sole executor and my son in law Martyn Sedley, my brother Robert Debney and my cousin Henry Pendleton to be supravisors. 26, In 1758 Martin Thomas Palmer appeared in Virginia, married twice and became the father of several children. Other children were John Waters Pettus, William Overton Pettus, T homas Waters Pettus, Anne Overton Pettus, married Clivias Duke, Mary Waters Pettus, married William Blount, Barbara Overton Pettus, married her cousin, Thomas Pettus, of Charlotte Co., Va. John Pettus (D., T., T.) called himself John Pettus sr.

According to this source, living Pettuses who descend from the immigrant Thomas also descend from Pocahontas's daughter, Ka-Okee!He expresses surprise that this connection, which is "sacred tradition" for three distinct native American tribes in Virginia, is also known by certain members of the Pettus family who had heard it from their grandparents!For example, Thomas held a large tract of land in what is now Stafford County, Virginia.I now believe that he was the father of Stephen Pettus II, who was a grantor in the sale of the Pettus estates in 1700. The brothers Sir James Bacon of Friston Hall and Sir Nathaniel Bacon of Shiffkey, Norfolk were 1st cousins of Sir Francis Bacon, the great scientist, thought by some to have written Shakespeare's plays. and Register of Ancestors and Members of the Society of Colonial Dames in the St ate of Virginia". We see that this, contradicting our other account, states that JOHN, not Dabney, Pettus married ANN OVERTON, and that he was a grandson of COLN.Bill Deyo is the tribal historian of the Patawomeck tribe. Thomas Pettus was 40 years old when he came to Virginia. THOMAS PETTUS, of "Littleton", the Councilo r of 1641-1660. Cary, being a descendant and a very skillful genealogist, was probably ri ght.