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30 Jan

After all no Single person would want to date with a fake person! Top 7 Best Free Dating Apps in India with Real Profiles – App No.1 – Tinder Tinder is perhaps the first app in the world which brought in Online dating via mobile app on a Global Scale.Being, the first one naturally it wasn’t going to lag behind in India too.So, where can Delhiites meet, say for a date, if not for the public places?Sure, there are restaurants and cafes catering to the likes of many, but they are not for everybody.The Nirbhaya incident, which rattled the nation in December, 2012, cast light upon what could possibly happen to a couple heading home after a late-night movie.

Editor’s note: Have we missed any of your favorite date places? If you are a single guy reading this and wondering how to get a girlfriend, read How To Ask A Girl Out: Tips For The Uninitiated.

Tinder lets you browse through profiles and let you like them by swiping around them .

Right swipe stands for like, while left one for no interest.

This lush green park within the city, beside a water reservoir that looks like a lake, is an alluring place for a date.

Well-maintained lawns and the occasional deer or peacock sighting make it a haven for nature-loving couples.