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28 Feb

Having applied to a couple of befriending charities I was surprised to find I was hesitating to move forward.

Aside from the arduous application process I found the 1-2 hours time commitment per week off-putting, as I was looking to return to full time work, and worried someone could became dependent on me and I might let them down.

An older person or ‘Senior’ would be matched to three new Buddies living close by who shared some of their interests.

The Buddies could communicate and organise visiting via a chat room and would also get to know each other and meet face to face.

Buddy Hub would help bring older people back into the heart of our community where they belong: It would become like a family for those who don’t have one and a second family for those who do but don’t see them often.I left that world nearly six years ago and have since spent a lot of time doing voluntary work as I searched for a more purposeful life.That has been rewarding in so many ways and one particular upside is that I now know rather a lot of people living and working in Islington.By creating ‘Friendship Wheels’ we’re alleviating and preventing loneliness and isolation and connecting communities.It’s not our income, home, car, or job that counts.