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27 Feb

With the stories, it is also warm and down to earth.” – response to tight times, a remarkably upbeat and widespread change is taking place in households across America.Homeowners are creating second dwelling units—often called in-law suites, mother-in-law apartments, or granny flats. They’re perfect for families who want several generations living close by, they enable Baby Boomers to care for elderly parents while respecting their independence, provide private quarters for adult children still at home or, rented out, second units can generate income to pay the mortgage or provide for retirement.This book covers every aspect of turning one house into two homes.Its first four chapters deal with the specifics of assessing your needs, selecting an appropriate design, choosing space- and energy-saving appliances, and getting your plans approved.The in-law evolved from a pair of outbuildings that once housed tractors and other agricultural paraphernalia. ceilings and quarry tile floors throughout, and though it_—Ès a bit smaller than my other homes, it_—Ès comfortable, affordable, and more than big enough for my life. We don_—Èt see each other very often_—”no more often than you_—Èd see a neighbor across a fence_—”but every now and then we stop and chat or maybe share a chore.A Tradition Returns The longer I live in this shared arrangement, the more I like it, which made me wonder why more people don_—Èt live this way. Although there hasn_—Èt been much written about secondary dwelling units, they have a long pedigree and are remarkably widespread.

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With more than 200 color photographs, 50 floor plans and architectural details, and a lively, personable voice, is perfect for homeowners who want richer lives and a more secure future.

Here are the benefits of constructing a granny flat for your home: to your home will make that possible.

Our granny flats and other extended-family living solutions will provide grandparents with living spaces that they will appreciate.

This book contains the stories of many families with in-law units, yet as different as each one is, even these solutions barely scratch the surface of what_—Ès possible.

Having an in-law suite can help you: Well, that's a start.