Meet and have sex now no credit card

26 Aug

An Embarrassing U-turn The Society’s recent embracing of credit cards as a means of accepting donations raises eyebrows for two main reasons. By accepting credit card donations, the Society are basically suggesting that it is okay for you to go into debt with your credit card provider in order to contribute to their work.

Reasons for Watchtower’s downsizing will always be speculative, but a likely cause may be found in the relentless spread of the internet.The ban is a response to new EU rules that make it illegal for all businesses, including HM Revenue and Customs, to pass on the 1.5 per cent fees that banks charge to process each credit card payment.As a result, instead of covering the cost of the charges itself, HMRC has banned the use of personal credit cards when making a payment.Publishers are already familiar with credit card machines being used to accept donations at assembly and convention venues.However, the Society now seems determined to make broader use of credit cards in gathering much-needed donations.