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23 Sep

Nearly 20 members of Vetrano’s family, as were several members of Lewis’ family, including the suspect’s father, gathered in the courtroom.

DNA links this defendant to scene of the crime.” Lewis was charged with second-degree murder.

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“He gave a detailed incriminating account of what happened — but he doesn’t really explain why it happened. But there was nothing that left a likely suspect trail, or screamed out rapist. “He doesn’t have a criminal record,” a source said. Man not convinced his son killed jogger Karina Vetrano That was the night the 30-year-old Vetrano disappeared after leaving for a jog through Spring Creek Park near her Howard Beach home.

“But he’s had previous incidents in which he has expressed a hatred for women. He’s expressed a deep-seated aggression towards women. Her father, Phil Vetrano, found her lifeless body face down amid towering weeds about 15 feet off the desolate path while helping police search for her.