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19 Jul

The observations demonstrate that autoinfection occurs in dogs infected with and that, if it is allowed to continue for a sufficiently long time in immunosuppressed hosts, massive hyperinfection, and even disseminated infection, may occur.

This spectrum of increasingly invasive parasitism closely resembles strongyloidiasis in humans.

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Although this nematode also frequently parasitizes dogs, canine hyperinfective strongyloidiasis has not been reported.I am sure and have confidence of your ability and reliability to prosecute a transaction of this great magnitude.I solicit your assistance to enable us transfer the said amount into your safe account for onward investment.In 3 of the 5 dogs, the adult worm recovery exceeded the inoculated dose greatly and, in one of these, adults and rhabditiform larvae were found in distant, extraintestinal sites.In the remaining 2 of the 5 dogs, the adult worm population was less than the inoculated dose, but, in both, the infection was terminated by the host's death before hyperinfection could have developed.