How to prevent itunes from updating

07 Jan

An out-of-date driver is a very common reason why an i Phone won’t connect to i Tunes, so this should fix the problem.

Open i Tunes and look for the i Phone icon to see if your i Phone is connected.

If the cable works for charging your i Phone, then it’s probably good—but not always.

Some cables that work for charging won’t work to sync data.

At this point, if your i Phone is showing up in i Tunes, then you’re all set!

If your i Phone still doesn’t show up, keep reading. after right-clicking on Apple Mobile Device USB Driver, you’ll see two options: .

If you have a Mac, you can skip right to the section about what to do when your i Phone won’t connect to i Tunes on your Mac.

Make sure to look at your i Phone and click “Trust” to make sure it shows up.

It’s very important that you tap Trust on your i Phone, or it won’t communicate with your computer at all.

USB ports can wear out too, and sometimes using a different port is enough to solve this problem.

From this point on, the fixes are different for Mac and PC.