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26 Sep

It will begin to calculate your commute based on this information.

Unfortunately, though, there’s no way to select more than one, if you happen to use multiple methods of transport. I’ve got the address right here,” when you need to get to your hotel.

Ask her to find the square root of 3,942,871 she promptly replies, “The result is 1,985.6664.” She can explain the theory of relativity to you in simple terms.

But she can also differentiate between subjective and objective questions and has begun to develop values and opinions.

So, as a follow-up to Bonnie Cha’s Re/code column about Siri a couple weeks ago, this column is a series of tips and tricks that might help users understand and fully utilize Google Now.* Google Now is free.This is where you can “access” Google Now, although once you’ve opted in, Google Now will also show you alerts and reminders without your opening the app.It can also be accessed via voice control from your phone’s home screen.Google Now is also supposed to help you look like an informed traveler, not the frazzled flier who says to a cabbie, “Um … Google Now pulls reservation information from your Gmail from Airbnb, provided that you’re logged into that app, and it will show you a reservation card when you land at your destination. Or (my favorite basketball team) the Duke Blue Devils?I haven’t been able to test this one yet — my reporting trip to Belize was somehow not approved — but, in theory, this should make traveling a little bit easier. You can tell Google Now which teams are your favorites, and it will push you news stories and real-time updates during games.