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05 Jul

When my 8-year-old asked me if she could join the online game Animal Jam, I wasn’t too worried—it’s a roleplaying world developed by National Geographic Kids and has an educational aspect to it: While kids go exploring, they learn animal facts and watch nature videos. ” “She keeps making smiley faces at me and she invited me to see her den! People in the game brag about how “rare” they are—or use false modesty and wait for others to say, “Wow, you’re so rare!

There’s also a chat component to it, which is dicey in a kids’ game, but it sounded like it would be well monitored. ” This microcosm of society shows how kids wind up thinking they need the most expensive, latest fashions and gadgets in real life to get respect and admiration.

Another person asked to “borrow” a valued item of mine for a role play, promising she’d give it back afterwards. The little seal asking my daughter to make out was mild in comparison to what I saw a few weeks later. A few of the more innocent kids didn’t understand why the others were so upset. ” “No, they’re doing IT,” another helpfully responded. There really aren’t any barriers to their joining, and there are several enticing aspects—they get to choose a cartoon avatar instead of being expected to show their real face or name, and they can invite children to their “den” under the guise of role-playing.

At one of the dance parties, as kids arrived, they were greeted by two pandas . Because there is already a good deal of sexual behavior among kids in the game, it doesn’t even raise suspicion when someone writes, “If you’re a boy and are game, go to my den.” So after all that, am I still letting my daughter play?

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” “Well, now she keeps making hearts at me.” “What are you doing? I found out that you tend to get more social interaction at the “parties” (there’s always one going on). The lack of responses to my own attempts at conversation continued until I became a polar bear, one of the latest-and-greatest animals in the Animal Jam world.Scammers are typically suspended from the game for just a few days when they’re caught, but almost all of them have back-up accounts—so they just play on their back-ups for a few days and often go right back to scamming. There’s a good amount of peer pressure involved with some of these scams. Here’s a great example of a mom discussing what happened to her daughter. ” “Get them out of here.” “Hide them.” Numerous kids did report and block them, but this went on for several minutes.I even had someone “innocently” ask me for my password so we could swap characters for a while (and, naturally, so he could clean out my inventory). Sexual behavior By far, this was the most disturbing to me. There are different actions you can perform as each animal, and these two figured out how to simulate sex in a shockingly realistic way—one rolled back and forth on the floor while the other jumped up and down on top. The one positive was the fast and furious response: “You pandas need to leave! I have no idea if they were kicked out of the game eventually, but I was glad my daughter wasn’t playing at the time. “My mom told me I shouldn’t play this anymore,” another chimed in. Possibility of pedophiles The likelihood of pedophiles playing this game is high.We have in-game monitors who are in there and kids aren’t aware they’re monitors, and we work with chat filtration companies to ban kids for saying certain phrases and try to keep up with the new slang.It’s undoubtedly a massive battle for us and any other virtual world.” The staff not only watches the game itself, but also the blogs and You Tube videos about it.