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20 Jan

The four are alleged to have taken part in a bungled armed robbery of a Menzies World Cargo warehouse in February 2004.

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The third member of the gang, John Witney, became the first convicted police killer to be freed from jail when he was released in 1991.There will never be enough time to make up for the terrible thing that he did.He is a dangerous man and, despite the time, he should remain in jail.” Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, still retains the power to reject a Parole Board recommendation that Roberts be moved to an open prison though he cannot block a decision by the board to order his release.Mr Justice Calvert-Smith held that there was evidence of a “real and present danger” that jury tampering would take place at the trial and that the risk would remain throughout the trial.But he concluded that a “package” of measures to provide jury protection would be sufficient to reduce to the risk to an acceptable level. Even if steps were taken to protect the jury, the likelihood that tampering would take place was “so substantial” as to make it necessary for a trial without a jury in the interests of justice.