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23 Aug

You could buy a dedicated security camera, but those are expensive.In reality, odds are you already have everything you need.

Here are five different programs to get you started.(Windows, Mac) - A security camera that records days and days of footage isn't going to help you spot any funny business. Sighthound allows you not only to set your camera to begin recording whenever motion is detected, but it also knows the difference between people and objects.

Because it's constantly being upgraded, there will always be new features and improvements. You'll be able to activate any number of connected cameras by motion, sound or schedule.

i Spy can automatically upload recorded video to You Tube or your own Web server.

This program can even monitor and record activity on your computer's desktop!

You can also remotely view your cameras using a free app for Android devices.(Windows) - Security footage is fine for seeing what's going on, but what if you want a program that does even more than that?