Dating vintage leather jackets

20 May

Ballistic nylon, so named because it was originally developed for use in bulletproof vests, is an especially tough, puncture- and abrasion-resistant material.Lightweight, attractive, easy to clean and exceptionally long-wearing, we found it ideal for our professional line of Ballistic Luggage.Angora rabbits are likewise raised for their fine, lightweight hair.Their fleece is extremely warm and fluffy but also has a tendency to shed or mat with time.Shoulders are typically narrow and necklines may vary.In short, if the cut of the garment resembles the letter "A," it's probably an A-line.They also retain their shape, drape nicely and offer exceptional color retention.

Microbes are microorganisms usually associated with germs.

Applying an antimicrobial agent to certain fabrics has been proven to minimize odors.

Our Antimicrobial Sport Socks contain X-Static® nylon yarns coated in silver, which is a natural and highly effective antimicrobial.

Available in a variety of fabrics, including twill, denim and linen, 7-Day Pants usually feature easy-on partial elastic waists and machine-washable fabrics."Acrylic" is a generic name for fibers and yarns manufactured from acrylic resins.

These fibers produce fabrics that are extremely soft, with a wool-like "hand." Acrylic fabrics are easily machine-washed and dried while resisting shrinkage.