Racism in the dating game

12 Dec

I have to put one knee and one glove on the canvas to get up. You can tell what a normal man is going to do but you can’t tell what a nut is going to do and Ali is a nut." Others believe that he feared for his safety from Nation of Islam extremists who supported Ali.

The latter theory was supported by Mark Kram's book Ghosts of Manila, which included an interview with Liston conducted years after the fight.

No wonder Liston claimed he took a dive (2nd fight) because of fear of retaliations from the Nation of Islam.

Here is Liston's recollection what happened after Ali knocked Liston down (the famous "Phantom Punch") but refused to go to the neutral corner: "Ali knocked me down with a sharp punch. Ali is waiting to hit me, the ref can’t control him.

Sudan at the time had no real central authority and used primitive weaponry in its tribal infighting.

Don't give us nuttn and give us or repay us: You got 50 states and we make up 10% of the population then divide up 10% of the land…

For more racist and megalomaniac quotes read Muhammad Ali Quotes -OR- Cassius Clay's megalomania.

"But didn't Mike Tyson also talk such nonsense like Ali?

There's no comparison between The Greatest and anyone, be it Pacman or Mayweather either inside or outside the ring, FULL STOP." "Disrespecting Ali in often seen as akin to disrespecting Dr.

Martin Luther King and the generation of the anti-Vietnam 1960's to boot. In my opinion there is a greatness to Ali that will take generations (if ever) to overcome.