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21 May

, where Lucas plays an adult version of Kevin Mc Callister.

Although older in age, Kevin proves to be just as troublesome as ever, this time with a girlfriend in tow.

I usually look for that more so than following one person's career. Actually, I went to a concert last night and saw this girl K. She's a local artist here in LA, but she's just now rising to the surface, and she's really awesome.

I'm really excited for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's career though. She's like this suburban-looking girl that spits these mad rap rhymes. It'd be really cool to collaborate with someone with a contrasting genre than I normally write, and to do a little mash-up.

Lucas plays Dyaln, a shy, awkward guy who is turned into a vampire!

Dylan has to learn to deal with his new blood-thirsty lifestyle while keeping his girlfriend Sara, played by Adrian Slade, safe from his vampire mentor Trey Sylvania. Click "Read more" for our exclusive interview with Lucas, and don't miss I Kissed a Vampire when it comes out in theaters on March 16! Don't forget to check out our exclusive Q&A with Lucas' I Kissed A Vampire co-star and real-life bud Drew Seeley! Lucas: I play Dylan, an unlikely hero who is turning into a vampire. Chaos ensues when this other vampire, Trey Sylvania comes into the picture.

I’ve been saying these lines since I was eight years old. Needless to say, when I got the script for this – it was a no brainer.

Funny story: Two weeks before I knew anything about this project I had a dream with Macaulay Culkin in it. The final season of ‘Switched at Birth’ premiers in January 2017 on Freeform.

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I’m currently working on a few projects that are hush hush, but I am so excited for them to be released in 2017 as well.It was like we were just goofing around all day for two days and then this came out of it.It was really hard for me to keep a straight face when Kasey Borger was making the throw up sounds about the pizza…I also started a band and am having so much fun playing live music again.We’re called Midnight Holler and you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat at @midnightholler .