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30 Oct

Whomever is reading hands the paddles over; go back and forth like that until you tire yourselves out from all the arm (and voice) strain.Eye contact and the order of operations — what could be sexier than that? First challenge one another to solve simple equations while staring into each other’s eyes.In Central Park (especially back in the day, but this is still true to an extent), the guys and gals getting down on four wheels are anything but dorky.That said, grab your dearest geek and rent a couple of pairs of skates for a ready-made date.

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This can be done anywhere, from the front porch to the bedroom, but to make a date out of it, try renting a boat at the nearest lake and paddling around all afternoon.I’ve never been, so I can’t personally vouch for their awesomeness, but it sounds like a good place to shovel quarters into slots and kick your partner's ass.Much like bowling, I’m not sure how rollerblading got its rep for being a sport for geeks.And this year marks a once-in-a-century occurrence. ” So we asked math-lovers: how are you celebrating?Here are some ways people have marked this momentous Pi Day.