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15 Oct

The trick will be walking away from Teck as it leads a swarm of undead toward a cataclysm of unspeakable terror.

To aid in that effort, The Street Sweeper offers the top 10 bumps in the night for this stock.

The company's financial condition and dividend trend cast doubt on its ability to sustain dividend payments.

And since investors love dividends, suspending those payments would almost certainly push the stock into a freefall."The company's significant spending on the Fort Hills oil sands development project (of which it does not control the capital decision process), at a time when commodity prices continue to be under pressure, will cause Teck's free cash flow consumption to total approximately C0 million in 2016 and C0 million in 2017.""(C)ash flow will remain sizably negative through at least 2017, and with US.6 billion of unsecured notes maturing over the through 2017-2019 period, we have concerns regarding the company's ability to refinance the debt."Last month, a U.

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So Teck's dividend payments have now turned into a huge, foot-dragging issue for stockholders ...

With one disaster building on another, Teck has suspended dividends at times.

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