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27 Dec

Further, if the customers are qualified, they can pay the fee package they choose, before being given accounts on a mobile app and passwords to be able to book a date with the members they are interested in.The packages are ranged from US0 to 1,000 per year.She had to give it up a year later, as she was burdened with a huge loan.

“It’s suitable for people like me who have to put in a lot of time into work and consequently, have no time for dating,” he said.

We want to change gradually people’s conservative mindset about dating; many think only those who cannot find partners go for dating services or that dating is just to find a husband or a wife.” The company offers many other services to connect people to help them broaden their social relationships at work, consultancy to resolve problems in relationships, besides consultancy and help to present gifts on anniversaries, and organising events for couples.

Ánh had started the service earlier in 2010, when there were around 10 companies working in the same field.

The mobile app does not allow users to chat or offer gifts online; it only facilitates members to book a date with other members they like.

"Many men that women dream of, such as those with high-paid jobs, good education, and having cars and houses, are hardly interested in finding lovers, as they are busy pursuing hobbies like golf or travelling and have no time to attend to their lovers," Ánh said.