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24 Jan

The peanut butter rubbed off, doing damage to soft furnishings and other peoples' costumes, and then began to go rancid under the heat of the lighting.

Food, odious and messy substances were banned as costume elements after that event.

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They were extended into costumed public festivities in Italy during the 16th century Renaissance, generally elaborate dances held for members of the upper classes, which were particularly popular in Venice. William Fell attended a masquerade at a skating rink in Cincinnati, Ohio wearing Mr. Shortly after, in 1910, an unnamed woman won first prize at masquerade ball in Tacoma, Washington wearing another Skygack costume.It refers to the fan hobby of making costumes of a concept or person and wearing them at fan gatherings, though is commonly associated with fictional characters from mediums such as anime, TV, movies, comics, video games, etc.At anime conventions cosplay is one of the most popular events. Don't even think about trying to get them to wear the Official Cosplay Gear.These aren't just people who find a costume and put it on — They bend them to their will.We are, all of us, injecting ourselves into a narrative that meant something to us. We're connecting with something important inside of us.