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13 Jul

But if you like the interface, you can always coax them onboard.

Launch the app on your mobile device, then tap on the New Call or Contacts button.

Virtually all mobile devices now have front-facing cameras, as do most laptops.

So video calling is both easy to use and pretty much everywhere.

Just tap on the name of a person with Duo and you’re immediately connected via video.

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What should you do if you want to cross the signals, say video calling Apple to Android, Mac to Windows or mobile to computer?You’ll see a list of contacts who already have Whats App installed and are ready and waiting for you to call them.Tap on the video camera icon and your video call starts immediately.i Phone and i Pad users can snag the Skype app from Apple’s App Store, while Android users can grab it from Google Play.Skype-to-Skype calls are free, as is the software itself.