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29 Aug

It’s important to appreciate parts of your life that are working, even without a partner.You might end up meeting someone while doing an activity.In the middle stages, the other person becomes challenged.

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It’s new, it’s easy to get swept away, and think “oh, he didn’t really do that before.” We can all engage in these behaviours, so it is important to identify if it’s a pattern.Last time, TPF had a chance to catch up with relationship therapist Michelle Skeen, who shared her words of advice for healthy and happy dating.Here is part two of our interview with this expert, where she discusses the challenges of dating in one’s thirties and forties, along with unconscious behaviours that can cause a relationship to take a troubled route. As much as I enjoy watching romantic comedies, that’s a big order on the shopping list!That’s someone who you would want to avoid, if it’s a pattern.The other type is a victim, blames others and does not take any responsibility.