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04 Feb

Pursued around the clock by the rabid paparazzi she refers to as “ratzies,” she is ambushed even on her own deck by photographers who lurk on the beach outside her door, spying on her every move.

As she squeezes her eyes shut in an effort to stop crying, the scene provides a painful contrast with the last time we met.

today, Jen has allegedly been "caught out" planning a get together at the posh US ski destination with her ex Brad, amid the collapse of his marriage and published claims that her own union to actor Justin Theroux is supposedly on thin ice.

The whole world watched as her “perfect” marriage fell apart.

As we said our good-byes, Pitt and Aniston leaned together in the driveway, arms twined around each other.

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The last few months have brought an endless nightmare of hurtful headlines about her soon-to-be-ex-husband, along with blatantly fraudulent stories about herself, in the tabloids and supermarket gossip magazines.Only her closest friends knew what really happened.Now, in Jennifer Aniston’s first interview since she split from Brad Pitt, she spills her heart, and some tears, to sharing her shock and confusion over Pitt’s liaison with Angelina Jolie, her desire for a family, and her deep, conflicting emotions (anger, hurt, exasperation, tenderness) toward the man she still loves.When the Pitts split up, Brad insisted he hadn’t slept with Jolie, and Aniston accepted his denial.“She wasn’t naïve,” says Kristin Hahn, an executive at the Pitts’ production company, Plan B.