Onlinedatingmyths com

18 Sep

Here are some of our favorite (un-true) myths about online dating. The world of online dating is full of interesting, intelligent, fun people just like you who are looking to make new connections, find great dates, form relationships and potentially meet life partners.

In other words, they are online because they are intentionally looking for these things…you say the same about the random people you might cross paths with at a bar, pub, or another public venue?

This is a great opportunity to address some of the issues head on.

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The good news is just like in real life, spotting these kinds of people online is relatively easy.

You get caught out and look really silly that’s what happens.

Everyone online is either desperate or a psycho Really? Of course, dare I say it, there will be some people online who may be a little desperate or slightly weird, but let’s face it, we don’t need to go online to find them.

The truth is you will find all sorts of people online dating.

Nice ones, romantic ones, flirty ones, short ones, tall ones, successful ones - you get the idea.