Who is chris evans dating

15 Jun

spy saw them apartment hunting for Evans in Tribeca.

But it’s best not to get all riled up about this—for everyone‘s sake. It’s misguided to foist the entirety of one’s happiness on whether or not the love between two strangers will last.

reports that the couple rekindled their romance after remaining friends since their split in February.

The logic is lost on us, too.)Naturally, fans of both actors took to Twitter to seek out proof of a romantic reconciliation.

Apparently the two were spotted ‘making out in front of everyone’.

It seems that Chris had nothing to say about this but the actress’ rep insisted to E!

star Jenny Slate tweeted, “My boyfriend does many dreamy&generous things but number 1 in my mind right now is how he celebrates my new turtlenecks/let’s me show him my online shopping spoils&cheers me on,” the Twitterverse hoped that she was referring to her ex-boyfriend, Captain America.

And according to People, Chris Evans is the turtleneck-lover in question.