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02 Sep

Does that mean then, that we should continue along this same path simply because this is what has been done? It’s possible that this is what will happen, but what should happen?Some people have suggested that the government should be responsible for all Canadian citizens, regardless of where they currently reside.This included full-time residents of Canada who were visiting Lebanon (i.e.people who live here and pay taxes here on a regular basis).

Unless and until those benefits are defined, there will always be confusion on this point.

This also included people who are not residents of Canada and no longer pay taxes here, but maintain a passport (presumably because a Canadian passport is good to have).

And this included everyone in between these two states. Typically, in the event of wars, it is a government’s responsibility to protect its citizens.

I think it’s also somewhat negligent of the government, because this is not the first time in the history of our country that this (sort of thing) has happened. We have, more recently, had ex-patriates in parts of the world where there was civil unrest, or outright wars between other nations.

After those crises were dealt with, we should have come up with policy. I don’t suggest that the policy necessarily need be written in stone or be all-encompassing, but at least some general guidelines should have been sketched in at some point when there was no humanitarian crisis underway.